Yoga/Fitness on a Stand-Up Paddle Board

Get a good stretch while floating on water with 22 Experience!

Bid goodbye to your mundane routine workout with our SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) Yoga/Fitness sessions. Held at Sentosa’s Tanjong Beach, this event allows you to let your hair down and take in the summer breeze (especially after a long tedious week at work).

Check out our pictures from the last session here and find out more about us on our website or Facebook.

On the 26th of January 2014 (Sunday), we have two slots available:

  • Fitness session from 4pm-5pm (only few slots left)
  • Yoga session from 5pm-6pm (SOLD OUT!)
  • TWILIGHT YOGA from 6pm-7pm

Or why not join both, if you’re up for the challenge!

SUP Yoga

For those who are unfamiliar with SUP workouts, let us tell you more about it – SUP workouts involve standing on a Stand-Up Paddle board while performing yoga routines. For this session, we have engaged Erika (a professional fitness and gym instructor, as well as, a yoga teacher) to guide you along. If you opt for the SUP Yoga sessions, you’ll get the opportunity to hone your core strength, your balance and also your stretching. This exercise works your muscles more than ordinary yoga sessions because you have to tighten your core much more to ensure your balance.

SUP fitness_6

SUP Fitness

As for our SUP Fitness session, you’ll be doing squads, push-ups, and core/bum exercises using fitness bands. With the wind and the waves bringing an extra edge into the session, participants will need to utilise their muscles to the fullest.

The Challenge?

All these exercises are made more difficult by the fact that it will be done on a small surface area (SUP board), with the sea beneath your feet. Nothing to worry about though, we ensure it will be a fun and fulfilling experience for you. Just be prepared to have a splashing good time and not be afraid to fall into the water if you loose your balance. Bring along a friend for some extra dose of fun, or laugh your way to a new blossoming friendship with the other participants. There’s nothing like getting to meet new people.

Equipment and Safety

22 Experience also values the quality and safety of our services. As such, Your Stand-Up Paddle board will be provided by Isabelle from SUP School Singapore. Her school is the first in Asia to become ASI accredited and her boards are in tiptop condition. To ensure your peace of mind, Isabelle (a certified Life Saver) will be there to make sure that you have a safe SUP experience.

Join us!

If basking in the sun and having a fulfilling workout sounds like the best of both worlds, then this event is the one for you. We only have 7 slots per session so don’t hesitate to sign up now. Participants are reminded to arrive 30 minutes before the class starts so that they can lock up their belongings, sign the indemnity form and ease into the waters.

Terms and Conditions

DAMAGE OR LOSS (Venue/Equipment) Participants are reminded to treat the equipment provided, with care. In the event that the equipment is lost or damaged while in the participant’s possession, we have the right to invoice you for the cost of replacement or repair.

DAMAGE OR LOSS (Participant) Participants shall be responsible for their own personal belongings placed or deposited within the venue or meeting point’s premises (as well as the property of any other persons attending the scheduled event). Neither SUP School nor 22 Experience Pte Ltd shall be responsible for the safekeeping or custody of any guests’ property. Under no circumstances will SUP School or 22 Experience Pte Ltd accept responsibility or liability in this aspect.

GROUP SIZE The event has a maximum number of slots available, per group. 22 Experience Pte Ltd and SUP School reserve the right to reject any bookings at any time, especially after the event is fully booked.

OTHER REQUIREMENTS All participants need to arrive 30 minutes before their scheduled SUP yoga or fitness session to receive their safety briefing. In the event that a participant is late, 22 Experience Pte Ltd reserves the right to cancel their slot without refund. Please be on time!

PAYMENTS & WEATHER No refunds. In case of light rain, we will continue the SUP yoga/fitness session. If there are thunderstorms and lightning, the sessions will either be delayed or cancelled. If there is cancellation due to a heavy downpour, the session will be re-scheduled.

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Sun Jan 26, 2014
4:00 PM - 7:00 PM SGT
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Tanjong Beach, Sentosa
60 min Fitness on a Stand-Up Paddle on Sun, 26th Jan 4-5pm SOLD OUT $55.00
60 min Yoga on A Stand-Up Paddle on Sun, 26th Jan 5pm-6pm SOLD OUT $55.00
60 min TWILIGHT YOGA on a Stand-Up Paddle on Sun, 26th 6PM-7PM SOLD OUT $55.00
Venue Address
Tanjong Beach Singapore (50 meters walking distance from Tanjong Beach Club) Singapore
We meet at the small pavilion next to the paddle sheds of SUP school Singapore.
22 Experience